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Update (4-16-17): I have discontinued the DVD format version of all my videos and am in the process of revamping them for flash drive/instant download. This change will serve two purposes that will be mutually beneficial for myself and the customer, by making it easier for me to create and archive footage, as well as allow me to offer my videos at a much lower price than the DVDs of the past. As this project comes along I will update with any changes. As of now, six of the seven videos are complete and available for purchase via flash drive (Circus is still incomplete). However, because I am still in the process of completing the revamp, I have decided to hold off on creating an official "Buy Now" page. Anyone who wishes to purchase a video can email me directly at The price of each video will be $5, plus the cost of the flash drive/shipping (outside of the US). Because I've yet to ship any international orders via flash drive, the cost of international shipping is TBD.